Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Mobiistar - Perfect selfie - Celebrating life on failure

Selfie that has added lot of value to life and restored faith in humanity

Everyone focus to capture only good moments in life so that they can cherish those moments for lifetime. Why not, its always good to recall good moments of life which are a rich source of hope for future and an encouragement to do good in life. Well, I’m very excited to share a selfie of my team who celebrated failure and felt happier on losing over winning a cricket match. Surprised ? Yes, one has to be because after you read the story you would also be happy to learn about our journey. On a sunny day at 8.00am my team assembled at the HSR ground waiting for the opponents to reach the venue. Due to some confusion in the timings the opponents reached an hour late. Meanwhile, all the team members where relaxing without even warming up for the match and seemed very confident of winning the match for the day. There came the opponents who looked tiny and not that strong built physically. Our confidence on winning increased and we stepped onto the ground to greet one another and begin to play. All players from our team which included some of the strong cricket players were on the field. By the end of first over everyone were dumbstruck and started to discuss on how do we even defend ourselves becasue the batting was so strong. This continued until the end of first innings. It was our turn to bat and the same questions haunted our players on how do we even bat because they proved to be strong in balling and fielding.At the end we lost the match by 23 runs which is not even close to good competition.

You all might be surprised on whats the big deal about this match. Yes, it is a big deal because this was a blind cricket match that we played and we didnt even blind fold to play the match with the visually impaired. 

The reason I said that we celebrated on our failure is because though we lost the match we actually won over our wrong beliefs in life, won over our false pride in life, won over thoughts that helped us grow as a better human being by treating everyone equal and also taught us not to judge anyone just because they lack something and this is why we call it as a celebration on our failure. 

Most of us have confidence on our ability and most of the times we take it for granted that the one with lesser capabilities cannot defeat us but its very important to learn the fact that life is all about making an effort honestly that will work wonders for anyone. Do not cribb over what you dont have, always try to build strength with what you have and that will take an individual a long way in life leading to success and bliss.

After the match we realised that they are international players for the blind Indian cricket team and padmashree awardees and none of our acheivements were even close to what they had acheived in spite of being visually impaired. We were so amazed to see them live so confidently and successfully that we were more happy to lose with a winning international team and more importantly we did celebrate the failure because this incident  taught us many lessons to lead a quality life by being a source of motivation and hope in life and a heart to serve the mankind. Here is the Mobiistar  kingsize selfie celebrating the moments of realising to respect and treat everyone equally were humanity is restored. Cheers!!!!

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Thanks to Indiblogger and Mobiistar  for giving the opportunity to share some life changing experiences with a larger audience and wonderful to learn on the 120degree wide angle selfie feature that’s definitely going to add lot of value and happiness to capture some of the moments were many of them needs to be captured to acknowledge the efforts.

Link to the post on Indiblogger: https://www.indiblogger.in/post/mobistar-perfect-selfie-celebrating-life-on-failure. This blogpost is written exclusively for Mobiistar contest.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Airtel 4G - Need for Speed

From an option to an alternative to a necessity to an indispensible way of life, the internet has come a long way in the last 20 years. There were days when we would pay massive amounts for a dial up connection, and there are now time when we get lighting speed connectivity at throwaway prices. The world has become a small place due to the speed at which information flows. The world has now moved to extensive internet usage on the mobile phones, against the traditional access points like PCs and laptops. Mobile internet speeds have been picking up with time and we have evolved from 2G to 3G, and now, 4G. 

In my opinion and experience, Airtel (http://www.airtel.in/4g/) is the best 4G service offering in my city. I have been using the services for a couple of months and I must say it is blazing fast. I have started exploring several wonderful things over the internet due to this great speed. In the initial days of using internet, it was all about checking emails and doing a couple of google searches. When 3G came in, we also had a strong social media penetration across India, and thus, it all led to spending more time on facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, etc. Communication took a big change with improving internet speeds. We all started typing more and speaking less, even though the call rates hit the floor. With 4G internet, I have observed that my preferences of internet usage have changed. I have been using 4G for several interesting things in life. 

One of the biggest improvements is that I have started to recognize in my life is that I am using websites like coursera, khan academy, ted talks, etc., more often than youtube. Due to the great speed that 4G offers, it has become a boon for people like me to spend time in some of the world’s best courses offered for free on coursera. Earlier, It was really difficult to open these websites/apps due to the low internet speeds. I have been able to attend several classes and complete a couple of certifications too, all thanks to Airtel 4G. Perhaps, this is the real intent of the internet, which is a massive storehouse of knowledge.

It has also become really easy to upload/download images or videos due to 4G. Whenever I desire to watch a movie, it is as good as watching it live, as if it is playing on the TV. The quality of the video is also fine, unlike earlier where we’d have to reduce the video quality for it to buffer correctly. Better internet speeds have a range of opportunities to offer us, and it is best left to us to explore and find how best we make use of this improvement in technology.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stay fit, feel young. After all, the #HoneyDietIsHere

Some economist has rightly said, "If all women stop caring about how they look, we could perhaps easily lose a great share of the world's economy". Who doesn't like to look good? Everyone wants to look good. So, in the process, everyone wants to attain that standard body size that is accepted by the world (medical and fashion) as healthy or good looking. Good looks is not just about the way one appears before the mirror, but the entire personality one carries.

Not everyone is naturally blessed with the appropriate shape and size. In fact, most of need to make a lot of effort to reach there. In the process of reaching there, we plan several activities like exercising, going to yoga classes, gyms, running, and practicing a diet. Of these, perhaps the most difficult thing to do is to practice a diet, especially when we live in a close economy where saying to no to food is akin to a crime. We have birthdays, festivals and ceremonies happening on almost every other day, and food is always in abundance. Often, efforts to practice a diet result into a lot of compromise in life, and for the kind of world we live around, it makes us feel deprived, and as a result, the diet doesn't continue for long.

In such a situation, we should look for something that is sustainable over the long period. I came across the Honey Diet (http://www.daburhoney.com/), which I feel is very simple to follow and also makes a lot of sense. I read through the points mentioned in the website and they are very well researched and give a great volume of insight to losing weight. In fact, the website also provides a 3 click diet planner that tells us the kind of food we should eat according to our body types.

The honey diet emphasizes on the use of honey in daily life. Honey has several medicinal properties that are already known. We know it helps in controlling cold and cough. In addition, honey also aids in the digestion process, and in weight management. Being sweet, it is a natural substitute to sugar and thus, it has the ability to keep our taste buds in control. Being viscous, we can not consume more than 2 spoons of honey at a time, and 2 spoons are enough to get the day started with all energy and enthusiasm. Honey can be used at all places where sugar is used.

The body requires a whole lot of nutrients for it to function correctly. When we try to adopt a crash diet, the body is deprived of nutrients and it starts craving for all wrong kinds of foods, and this is the reason why we break in the course of following a strict diet.. A diet is not about the volume of food, it is about the quality and type of food we consume. The honey diet is definitely a more promising concept than all fad diets in news out there. Give it a try.

UC Browser - you ought to have this, especially if you love cricket #YuviSurfsUC

After being really dissatisfied with the browsing speed on my phone, I started looking for options to increase the speed. Initially, I thought that the issue was due to network connectivity. However, the speed didn't improve even when connected to a WiFi network. It was then that I started searching the internet for tips and tricks to surf faster. Of all tricks, the one that has worked the best for me was to simply install and use the UC browser (http://www.ucweb.com/). Almost all the troubles that I had browsing the internet on my phone has been addressed by the UC browser.

A few months ago, perhaps during the IPL season, I was notified that there was a dedicated space/section for cricket enthusiasts in the browser. I was curious and I visited the section. To my surprise, this is the best cricket display that I have seen till now. This area is so very well arranged. It is very easy to navigate and simple to use. The first section covers all the live matches in great details. It is followed by the results of the recent matches and then a section on the upcoming matches. Under the live matches section, there are options to see the live scoreboard, read commentary, see highlights and also a fans section, where there are thousands of cricket enthusiasts sharing their thoughts and opinions. In fact, cricket is like a festival in India and the joy that is expressed on this section when India is winning a match is like a feeling on top of the world. In a busy life that we run these days, it is really impossible for us to sit together and watch a cricket match, and a live interaction section like this makes up for such loss in a great way. Thinking about it in another way, having a seamless browser like this will ensure that we don't miss office, meetings, dates or any other important event when there's a cricket match happening. So, it does improve productivity too (ha ha).

The UC web browser is available across all major mobile platforms and I feel it is a must have application on the phone. I remember how UC made cricket even more exciting by arranging for several contests and guessing games during the world cup and IPL season. The services on this browsers are not only very interactive but intuitive too. The interface always looks fresh and the speed is amazing, and these perhaps explain why the UC browser is rapidly gaining popularity among users, as I have personally seen a large number of my friends and colleagues increasingly use the UC browser even for all their daily activities.

I hope the services continue to be as lively as they have been and the scores keep coming it even more quickly.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Nashtha with #KelloggsWaleGuptaji

This post has been written for Kellogg's India
Check out some awesome recipes on their YouTube channel.

How is that some families are very fit and healthy while some aren't, even though they are subject to same lifestyle and living conditions? Someone has rightly said that a lot of things that are related to our body are controlled by our mouth. The food that goes in brings about all these differences. So, it is needless to say that we must consume the right kind of food. The right kind of food differs from person to person and perhaps, only a dietitian can answer that. Given everything is normal, I think, a Kellogg's meal is an appropriate way to start a day. So, here, I'm heading for a Nashtha with #KelloggsWaleGuptaji.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it must be had the right way at the right time. Kellogg's has come up with hundreds of recipes to make the corn flakes breakfast an untiring one. It is so interesting to go through all these recipes. The one I loved the most is Honey Cornflake and Fruit Smoothie, mainly because the ingredients include my favorite honey, bananas, and guess what: mango Ice cream. That is so awesome. I never thought someone could come up with a recipe like this. The video also provides all instructions right below it in full text, which is so helpful. In the end, a smacking delicious corn flake meal is ready to power you for the day. There are hundreds of such unique ideas over there.

Who doesn't want to be fit and healthy? The big question here is following a routine and having the patience to repetitively eat the so called healthy food. The taste buds crave for more, and often, we end up eating the wrong kind of food. So, these recipes will help in controlling of such craving simply because the recipes read Apple Cinnamon Cornflakes, Cornflake Popcorn Clusters, Strawberry and banana cornflakes, Walnut Cornflakes Choco balls, Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda, and what not. In fact, the ones who have craving taste buds will be attracted more by this list than those regular street side foods which area also of the same taste everyday. So, here, you get taste plus health, plus a kick start for the day. 

Most often, the kind of breakfast we eat is primarily rice. It could be idlis, poha, dosa, etc. These are very tasty and somewhat healthy too, compared to several other breakfast options we have. However, they take a lot of time to get ready. In fact, we need to do a lot of homework on the previous day if we have to prepare dosas or idlis. Plus, the chatni or sambhar is yet another battle. So, most often, we end up having breakfast at the office canteen, and carry lunch from home. With options like these coming in from Kellogg's there is a ray of hope that this habit will change. I can now get my breakfast ready in 2 minutes. Factually speaking, Maggi never gets ready in 2 minutes, like in advertisements. So, if I can get one of these meal recipes ready in 10 minutes, there is nothing like it. So, I'm heading the #KelloggsWaleGuptaji way for the next few days, and lets see how it all works out. I'm sure its gonna be exciting and rewarding too.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Those small joys are the key to happiness

Coca Cola celebrates the International Day of Happiness
Visit http://CokeURL.com/96jnc to know more

My concept of happiness is very similar to that of Coca Cola. I often feel happy because of those small things that happen in life. The bigger things fall in place on themselves with time, efforts and energy in the right direction. However, when we keep worrying and focusing only on the bigger things, the some of the most important times of life are lost. We forget to smile, we forget to thank, we forget to be grateful, we forget to see how lucky we are, and so on.

Over the years, I have met and spoke to hundreds of kids who the society calls underprivileged. They could be differently able, orphans, or with severe difficulties in life. Each time I spend time with them, I am thrown in to a new world altogether. The way they see things in life, the way they derive happiness, the way they experience and enjoy every bit of goodness that comes their way leaves me spellbound. Take a small example of food. While we may just chew on a samosa, most times thinking how bad it is for health, especially being diet conscious, the kind of happiness I saw on the faces of these kids enjoying that piece of samosa taught me a new way of looking at life. 

I love to spend time with animals. Considering that we have 6 dogs at my home, and I have been spending so much time with these ever since my childhood, makes me a keen animal lover. There are dozens of pigeons too in my home. My family has been catering to all these animals and birds from years. It is such a pleasure when I try to talk to these and they try to respond in some way. It is so cute. They do not have a language but they connect to the heart. They can virtually make out what we are trying to tell them and they respond in a great way. Oftentimes, people are afraid of dogs and always want to pent them away, but when we try to understand them, they are the best friends. Perhaps, that’s why they say, “A dog is a man’s best friend”.

I also find great happiness in sitting alone and meditating. While meditating, I try to spend a large amount of time with a blank mind. It appears like a very simple thing to do but when you really try, it is nearly impossible to keep a blank mind. Our mind continually thinks of one or other thing. I also try to reflect about what has been happening in life and try to focus on the future. It is such a relieving exercise.

It is these small things in which I have found the most happiness in my life. Small is beautiful. Simple is difficult. If we can combine both, joy is unlimited.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A memorable trip to native #together

Written exclusively for https://housing.com

Over 3 years ago, my friends and I decided to go on a trip to my native. It had been pending from a long time. In fact, it was the first time I was planning something like this. We four decided to spend 3-4 days at my home. The plan was in place and we were all excited.

On reaching Hubli, my parents welcomed us and made all necessary arrangements for our stay. I was meeting the pets at my home after a long time. It was a joyful moment. I spent the whole of morning playing with them. In the evening, we all went around the city, and shopped. In the meanwhile, my mom had cooked special dinner for us. We all spent nearly 2-3 hours having dinner at our own pace, talking about hundreds of things and telling our stories to our parents. It was such a memorable experience of being together. It was powerful.

On the next day, we all decided to go to a nearby place to visit a Buddhist monastery. It is one of the most serene places that I have seen. We spent a lot of time at this place. Soon, our conversations started to go across all the topics of life. A lot of secrets were let out, and most of these discussions were news. It is a pleasant experience to open up and speak with people close to your hearts, be it friends, parents or anyone. In fact, when we have such people around us, it makes us feel powerful and optimistic. It is always good to have a guide and some support in life. Family and friends are perhaps the greatest source of support who can always be trusted and relied upon.

Over the course of next couple of days, we discussed on several topics. We shared our joys, sorrows, problems, solutions, and all these brought us even closer. On the last day, we headed out for dinner along with my parents. My parents spoke about their lives, their experiences, and also offered us some advice. It was the first time that I had seen them open up and speak so much. Perhaps, if I was the only person present, they wouldn’t have opened up so much. In fact, my friends kept questioning and I was hearing answers like those for the first time in my life.
“Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... 'How did I get through all of that?"
Life comes to us in many forms and appearances. Each of these is intended to make some difference to us. A lot depends on how we all look at these and take decisions. In the process of taking decisions, it is of immense importance to have our friends and families by our side. Aishwarya Rai once said, “My family is my greatest strength, and also my greatest weakness”, and there is so much truth in this statement.

It was a great tour and the memories are fresh in my mind even now. For months after that trips, we kept looking at those pictures together and rejoiced each moment. Today, though we all are away from one another, I am sure, like me, they too feel the nostalgia of being together.